Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human

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Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human
by Etsko Schuitema  (Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema)

INTENT is an exploration of what sits at the very core of being human: our intentions.

This book is a simple explanation in contemporary language and logic on how understanding the use of our intent can unlock the door to comprehending the vast spectrum of human experience. And with a greater comprehension, it is intended that greater, better, and more improved actions follow in the transactions and lives of the reader.

An unassuming-looking masterpiece, the book has been known to transform the lives of its readers by transforming their minds and hearts, and the content of their thoughts and actions. The book has proved equally popular with executives of large, hardy corporations and the members of delicate households.


Paperback 150 pages
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80 g offset paper
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First published in South Africa; now available in Pakistan at an affordable local price.
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“Etsko is the Gordon Ramsey of personal transformation: tough-loving, hard-hitting, and unaverse to putting one in place with a sharp and clear word, Etsko pulls no punches and cuts to the heart of the matter: an unforgiving sport that he is often later thanked for.”
— a Na’layn Publications review; commissioned from an associate

was a product of the investigations Etsko, born into a mining family himself, made in South African coal mines in the 1980’s: In the possibly toughest working conditions of the Earth, what is it that keeps worker committed and going? The mine was the grittiest lab possible to observe human conditions, motive and behavior. The insights that emerged from that deep core of Earth are also insights that map over the deep, dark and gritty realms of the Self and Heart. They are as relevant to commitment in marriages and businesses, as of the worker-leader commitment in coal mines.

The lessons in human motive, commitment, maturity and essence that are shared in this book allow one to masterfully walk through the deepest and the darkest realm, only to bring up the fire of coal and the perseverance of the diamond.

Bringing together the author’s outer experience in the dark realms of coal mines, and the inner experience in the world of self search and exploration, INTENT is a fitting read for businesses, wayfarers, and households. Free from obscure idom and lore, this is a book that appeals to the core of being human: the carbon and coal of practice that yield the many-splendid forms of Life in the realm of heart as they do in the realm of biological Earth.
— a Na’layn Publications review

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