The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom

The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom

In his book the author examines and elaborates upon the distorted and contaminating trends, innovations and rituals within certain areas of the Sufi Tariqas. Exposing exaggerations, errors and deviations from the true Path, he nevertheless formulates and explains the essential contents and significance of the original teachings . While the approach of this treatise is direct, firm and clear, it does not leave the reader in a state of confusion or disillusionment, but offers a way forward, a new approach to spirituality in our present era, a revival.

It will be of benefit for wayfarers on the Path and spiritual seekers, and for those readers who wish to gain a clearer understanding of the authentic Sufi teaching, a bright beacon, warning of dangers, whilst illumining the way to the restoration of authentic Sufism, the technology of self-effacement and the divine encounter.

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The title will be available in paperback and hardbound edition (with dustcover)

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